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Launch of My Saga

Everyone has a saga to tell

We strongly believe it is important to capture our life stories and the stories of people we love. In that way they give pleasure to you now and for generations to come.

Audrey Sansbury Talks author of Tale of Two Japans

The idea came about because my mother decided she wanted to tell the saga of her family’s time in Japan in the 1930’s. I had heard lots of stories of this tumultuous time in history and how they had left on the last passenger ship to sail successfully to Canada before the Second World War. It was great to capture these in a book that wider friends and family could enjoy. Soon afterwards other family members and friends of the family came forward with their sagas. Fascinating, funny and moving stories about times in their lives, careers and holidays. So we helped turn them into lovely books, full of illustrations. If my family can produce so many great sagas, how many more must be out there that should not be lost.

What better time than now in lockdown to start writing a saga. And My Saga is here to help you write, edit, publish, even translate your sagas in any and every format. We’ll be publishing advice on every aspect of writing your saga, so do sign up to our newsletter.

I look forward to hearing from you.



My Saga Team