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    Everyone has a saga to tell, but few are captured before they are lost. We want to help you record your own sagas for present and future generations to enjoy.


    It could be the saga of your childhood, your career, or your whole life. It could be the saga of someone whose stories you love. Whatever your saga, we will help you capture it in your own voice.

  • Saga writing course

    Learn how to write your saga from planning to publication

    Saga writing course
    Saga writing course
    Inspired to write your saga, but don't know where to start or just need some encouragement? This course is perfect for you.
    Would love a friend or relative to write their sagas down? This course is a perfect gift for them.

    A step-by-step course to write a saga from planning to publication

    A primarily video based course, with written transcript that can be posted as a hard copy if preferred

    Hours of tuition: 10 hours (min.)

    Option of monthly 30 minute Q&A with member of the My Saga team x 3

    Monthly messages of encouragement and inspiration x 12

    Materials release date: 1st Feb 2021

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    Sagas are stories that people have been telling each other since the dawn of time.

    We'll help you capture your saga, your way.


    No need to buy lots of copies unless you want to as we can offer 'print on demand'.

    Saga writing course

    A step-by-step course that takes you from planning to publication. A great present for a person whose stories you love to hear or for yourself. For more details click here.

    I can write my own saga

    Great! You are confident you can tell your saga. We'll help you turn it into a fabulous book: hardback, soft back and/or ebook

    Help me write my saga

    We can provide you the help you need, including typing up, editorial services, proof reading, help and encouragement.

    Please write my saga

    We can match you to a ghost writer who will interview you and write your saga for you to approve.


    Need your saga translated into another language (s)? No problem.


    We can match a narrator to your saga so it sounds great.

  • Sagas

    Some different types of sagas we have helped tell.

    by Karin Ashby


    The Russians burst into our house, shouting "Razzia". They were checking for guns and ammunition but my grandmother thought they were after her sausages. "Quick! Hide them!" She gave me a stick laden with rings of Knackwurst, years old, to hide. So I put them in my bed!


    This is the personal account of Karin Ashby's childhood growing up in East Germany during and immediately after the Second World War. It is full of anecdotes and stories that amuse, thrill and interest in equal measure and reflect the enterprising and creative person that is Karin Ashby.

    by David Talks


    “Probably a spy”.


    I have heard this said, even within my own family! So it’s about time I tried to set the record straight. Russian has undoubtedly been an important feature of my life, but where did it all begin?


    This is the story of the role the Russian language has played in the life of David Talks from National Service in the 1950s, through his years as a Russian interpreter in the Royal Naval Reserves, up to the present day.



    by Audrey Sansbury Talks


    Kenneth and Ethelreda awoke to find the ship rapidly approaching the coast of Japan. They dressed quickly and went up on deck to see an impressive coastline of rugged mountains sloping down to tree-covered hills at the water's edge.


    What was it like to be an English Christian missionary in Japan in the years leading up to its involvement in the Second World War? Churches in Japan do not always know their own history, as during the War buildings were destroyed, records lost and people scattered. This is an account of the life of the Church in Japan in the 1930s based on the personal letters of Kenneth Sansbury.



    by James Talks


    "Dad, wake up. There are bullocks in the garden."


    Three large black and white bullocks jostle outside my window. We run out. Bullocks are everywhere - and cow pats.


    A landscape of wide open grazing marshes and dykes, as much sky as land, punctuated by windmills and the occasional clump of trees and a marshman's cottage floating in its midst. The ideal playground for four young boys let loose on its wide expanses. Our adventures seem if they come from the pages of Swallows and Amazons, but they were the reality of our childhood and the foundation of our adulthood.



    A Tale of Two Japans

    by Audrey Sansbury Talks


    And Japan, I thought,I shall go back to Japan. The idea was new, unexpected. Japan was the world of my childhood. It was nearly fifty years since the door had closed on that world, so abruptly, so absolutely, I had never imagined returning that way, pushing open that door and entering again that lost world.


    The true story of an English family's experience of living in Japan during the years that have been called 'kurai tanima' or 'dark valley' - the dark valley that was to lead from Japan's invasion of Manchuria in September 1931 to the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941.




    by Audrey Sansbury Talks


    A translation into Japanese of A Tale of Two Japans.



  • Saga stories

    Advice, ideas, and inspiration.

    Here at My Saga, we believe that everyone has a saga to tell. You may have been thinking about writing yours for some time, but it can be a daunting project to begin. Our mission is to help you to capture your saga, your way. We’ve put together the top tips to consider when writing your very own...
    We strongly believe it is important to capture our life stories and the stories of people we love. In that way they give pleasure to you now and for generations to come. The idea came about because my mother decided she wanted to tell the saga of her family’s time in Japan in the 1930’s. I had...
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    Let us help you tell your saga.


    "When life gives you lemons, write a saga about it."

    Author, History graduate and entrepreneur, Martin believes in the power of stories and that none are more powerful than our own. He also grew those lemons.

    Favourite saga: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King


    "We may edit your words, but never your voice."

    Graduate from the prestigious postgraduate creative writing programme at the University of East Anglia, Rufus is a published poet and coffee lover.

    Favourite saga: Flaws in the Glass by Patrick White and The Rings of Saturn by W.G. Sebald

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